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  • Lip Care: The Secret to the Softest Lips Ever

    So, I have some tips today for how to get the softest lips ever. It is winter and dry lips are gross. You don't want them. I don't want them. And nobody wants to kiss ...

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    Lip Care: The Secret to the Softest Lips Ever
  • Start Writing More

            Grab your pens and get writing. I love writing things down. I am so much better at writing my feelings down than speaking them aloud. {I can ...

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    Start Writing More
  • You Need This Eyeliner

            Honestly, many days I am lazy and do not wear make up. I love those lazy days. But I also love make up days. I love having the option of ...

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    You Need This Eyeliner
  • 2017 Gift Guide for Her

         hey girl heyyy! (or boy if you are of the male species) I had way too much fun with this post. I literally fell in love with everything as I ...

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    2017 Gift Guide for Her
  • So Swell

       So, if you don't already know, I have a problem when it comes to water bottles. I have like 5 thousand different water bottles. I love water bottles. I love ...

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    So Swell
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