My Current Shower Routine


Occasionally, my shower routine changes, however, for the most part, it stays pretty much the same. I don’t shave my legs or wash my hair every time I shower, but this is my routine if I am going to go all out in the shower. Always, the first thing I do when I hop in the shower is wash my hair with shampoo. This stuff smells amazing. I have no idea why, but the scent reminds me of The Moon Palace Resort in Jamaica that I went to with Christian and his family, so it brings happy thoughts of the beach as I shower. Next, I rinse my hair and put conditioner in. I put my hair in a loose bun to let the conditioner soak in while I use a body scrub.


If I am going to shave, I use the DERMA doctor KP Duty body scrub before shaving. This makes my legs so smooth and gets all of the dead skin off. This makes my legs even smoother than just shaving my legs, and makes the shave last fresher for longer. If I am not shaving, sometimes I use the Lavender Salt Scrub from Trader Joe’s. This smells amazing and leaves your legs with a oily coating that is super moisturizing.

Next, I wash my conditioner out and add the CHI Infra Treatment. I put my hair back in a loose bun and let my hair soak with this as I shave. I use the Barbasol sensitive skin shaving cream with a Bic Soleil razor.


Then I brush my hair with my Conair Shower Comb and rinse my hair one final time. I then put my hair back into a bun, again, as I finish off the rest of my shower. I do this to make sure my back gets fully cleaned to avoid body acne. I wash my body using a loofah and Dove body wash. I usually use the unscented sensitive skin body wash, but I bought the wrong one, so I am just using it up. Occasionally, I will use my Twilight lush shower gel. This smells like lavender, which is my favorite scent, and is supposed to help with sleep, so if I am going to straight so bed, I will use this.  Sometimes I use the Lush Herbalism face wash to exfoliate my skin before washing my face with my Glam Glow face wash. Let me know if you try anything mentioned, and what you think. What is your shower routine? What products are your favorite to use in the shower?